Roses Amsterdam shock

In Amsterdam tonight, the Roses didn’t return to the stage to perform their planned encore. With Ian returning to tell the audience that ‘the drummer’s gone home’.

Their performance at the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam was their fourth comeback gig following ecstatically received performances in Warrington and Barcelona.

We’ll wait and see how this one pans out before we say anymore.

Update: sounds like this has been blown out of proportion and some misreporting going on.

Summary of events here: LouderThanWar.

Ian Brown Stellify video online

Ian Brown - Stellify EP
The promo video for the lead track from Ian Brown’s new E.P. Stellify can be viewed exclusively on Football365.

Stellify is the lead single for Brown’s sixth studio album My Way, which is due to be released on September 21st.

The Stellify EP is already available to download from iTunes. Buying the EP now will give you access to an exclusive 48-hour pre-sale on tickets for Ian Brown’s Winter Tour.

What do you think of the video? Leave your comments here.

Ian Brown is Number 1

Ian Brown - Stellify EP
Ian Brown’s new E.P. has hit number 1 on the iTunes album chart.

Stellify, a 4 track preview from his forthcoming album, has shot straight to number 1. Featuring the tracks Stellify, Crowning of the Poor, For the Glory and Marathon Man the new E.P. is a blinder.

Here’s a lyrics snippet from For the Glory to tease you:

And when the bombs began to fall
I didn’t do it for the roses
As I was striding ten feet tall
Well, that’s another story
For the glory
The good that you do
Will follow you through yeah yeah
I did it for you
I didn’t do it for the glory

Do yourself a favour and check it out now: Ian Brown – Stellify E.P. (iTunes)

Clash magazine’s Ian Brown interview

Clash magazine - Stone Roses cover
This has been around for a little while but you may have missed it.

A long and interesting interview with Ian Brown where he talks extensively about The Stone Roses from their inception to their demise. The full uncut interview has been posted online by Clash magazine.

A Clash magazine exclusive, and it’s well worth a read.

Clash magazine’s Ian Brown uncut interview