Roses Amsterdam shock

In Amsterdam tonight, the Roses didn’t return to the stage to perform their planned encore. With Ian returning to tell the audience that ‘the drummer’s gone home’.

Their performance at the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam was their fourth comeback gig following ecstatically received performances in Warrington and Barcelona.

We’ll wait and see how this one pans out before we say anymore.

Update: sounds like this has been blown out of proportion and some misreporting going on.

Summary of events here: LouderThanWar.

5 thoughts on “Roses Amsterdam shock”

  1. awful, awful gig. Sounded dreadful and the lack of an encore was just out of order. Then again, the sound was so bad it was probably a blessing!

  2. Well I was there too and it was a fantastic gig marred only by the ending and consequent missing out on ‘Resurrection’ – listened back to the bootleg (a good quality one is floating around the net) a few times and that also sounds brilliant. Great twelve minute version of ‘Fools Gold’ which includes Squire dropping in the riff from ‘Day Tripper’, among other things, is a particular highlight. He in particular was excellent, while Reni of course was amazing and Mani solid as you would expect. Ian sounded great for the majority of the gig, and listening back he is in tune for much of it (especially ‘Waterfall’ and ‘This is the one’). I’ve certainly heard him sound alot worse on past boots. As people have commented elsewhere the 2012 Roses sound like an amalgam of their late 80s sound with the heavier ‘Second Coming’ years – lets hope for some new songs!

  3. im from holland, and i was looking out for this gig long ahead… 10 minutes before the show the crowd was wild and enthousiastic clapping and shouting for the roses to come out … !! including myself.

    The vibe in the HMH was great !! .. something i could not say from the band … the whole show lacked ENERGY ..Ian is not a great singer, but this night it was one of the worst concerts in years !! even amy winehouse did a better job being drunken and stoned on the stage …. what a sad sad sad reunion tour NEVER AGAIN !!

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