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  1. lame.. wouldn’t of even made it as a b-side back in the hey day.. doesn’t bode well that this is the mission statement after a 20 year absence.. i’ll not give up hope on better to come though.. fingers crossed

  2. I love it, spent the day nervous and excited at the same time .. Been a fan since day 1 and cant believe I’ve heard new material 🙂 had goosebumps listening too it … one love x

  3. I like it. Was nervous before listening though. VERY catchy intro and a bit poppy than other songs, but a solid reintroduction to the music scene. Come on lads!

  4. As a follower from way back when
    At a first listen I liked it
    A few listens later I’m Lovin’ it…
    It’s catchy & current with all the roses traits…
    The Fantastic Four back on top
    Can’t wait to hear more in 2016
    Roll on the Dublin gig 🍋👌

  5. Love it and i haven’t even heard it yet.The main point is they are back.You know it will always be good.
    Blind faith, welcome back boys.

  6. I’ve been there since the international days and thought I was going to be critical but I’m under no illusion that you could recreate not only the sound of old but the scene in Manchester back then ,I see the record as Ian having his distinctive voice we’ve all come to love and respect but John finally getting the heavier guitar sound that I think he always wanted,all in all the band has evolved into the biggest band in the world AGAIN peace and love xx

  7. I think it is very good,i think it sounds like it could of been the next single after One Love, the missing link between The Stone Roses first LP and Second Coming.

  8. So, Ian sounds good, rest seems tinny- Squire up too high and Reni seems mostly cymbals. Mani unfortunately down in the mix too so the groove although there ain’t great.

    It will get sung loud by people (bit like Love Spreads with the repetitive) but I hope the album (wishful thinking one appears!) allows Reni and Mani too shine, Squire had his moment to spotlight on SC.

  9. Ok, so i’ve heard some bad rep about the new stone roses track ‘all for one’
    Comments range from ‘its utter shite’ to ‘its not bad but not as good as their old stuff’ well, i myself think its an utterly shamefully crap song. Both musically and lyrically it disappoints on so many levels. A band this great should be fucking ashamed churning this turd out. I personally could write and record a better new stone roses song than the stone roses could at the min! So i challenge IAN BROWN to this. Let me proove this fact. Mr brown ,You name the song topic and i’ll get writing. Im a big roses fan but if this is what we to expect from the new album then your prob best getting yourself a job in tesco mate. No disrespect meant but this is NOT the second coming.
    Sort it out.
    So IAN BROWN , i call you out as a fan and a songwriter to accept my challenge.

    Please share

  10. Could be from the 80s/ 90s/00s NOW heard a lot of negative comments but I really don’t know why,think it’s definitely roses class yeah????

  11. It’s a corking riff. It was firmly lodged in my brain after the first listen. It’s a great sentiment. It’s unmistakably Roses. It has to be their first UK no1. 2016, the Summer of Love again? Bring it on!

  12. The Roses releasing new music. ..how cool is that? Love the new tune. Squire still sounds great on the guitar.

  13. Agree with Iain Cowley, this is really not up to scratch. Fans have a right to be disappointed after all the hype and the build up….they’ve been back together for 4 years and this is the best they could muster? sounds like a last minute rush job cash in, awful lyrics, just stale rock. This track would have struggled to usurp the stinkers on Second Coming – think good times, straight to the man, begging you. The only hope is that it is some kind of sick prank stunt song with some deeper hidden meaning, and they are saving the best stuff for the (as yet unconfirmed) LP. Won’t hold out hope though. But really hope this doesn’t signal that they have completely sold out. I realise good things don’t last forever, but why try and resurrect it if it’s just not happening?

  14. I hope that John Leckie has produced the album and not Paul Epworth. The production on ‘All For One’ is terrible. No clue how to record Reni and Mani…

  15. Can’t stop listening since launched. One of my fauvorite songs ever! Want more!!!
    God bless your music!

  16. Completely lazy songwriting. Cringeworthy lyrics. Expected and hoped for a lot better especially seen as they have had 4 years to create. Also, what happened to the roses tradition of producing wonderful b sides to accompany the singles. Sounds like it was rustled up at the last minute

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