21 thoughts on “Festival dates confirmed”

  1. Lads. When you plan to play Ireland? When you do please consider granting me accreditation to shoot yer gig..avid fan, great opportunity, unable & unwilling to really beg anymore these days

  2. I am still just absolutely flummoxed and keening over the fact that these guys have decided to turn it up again…as I said on this site previously, if Cream and The Eagles et. al. can do this, surely these guys can. AND NO MATTER WHAT…NO GARETH EVANS!!! If that cheekly old POS dares to show his wrinkly old self…he ought to be water boarded. Might be nice also, to invite Andy Couzzens as a way of bringing full closure to the whole thing!:)

  3. Spot on about Evans (that’s not even his real name!)… Mani got it so right when he described Gareth (again, not his name!) as a cross between Freddie Starr and a sack of shit….

  4. I hope the Stone Roses play in Ireland also. I am willing to come from the US to come and see them.

  5. from Chile:

    Fuck fuck fuck! Stone Roses is the big boss!!

    yo tenia 6 años cuando lanzaron su primer disco. nunca crei que pudiera existir la posibilidad de verlos en vivo en algún momento! es fabuloso!

    saludos rosas!

  6. yassssssss so lookin forward 2 seein use at t in the park roll on 2012 this will be the best t in the park ever

  7. What about a show in Brasil?

    Or in latin america at least,
    SWU festival maybe?


  8. I need to be front and centre in any Australian city of your choice! Huge fan. I even gave birth listening to Tightrope. Did I just say that out loud?

  9. please come to Argentina!!!! I dream you come!! I’m always reading the dates!!with hope!!! thanks to exist!!

  10. you are legend..see u in singapore
    cheers….huge fans from Indonesia

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