Stone Roses 2012 tour rumours

Contrary to previous rumours, fresh news has emerged suggesting the Roses Heaton Park gigs will actually be the climax of a spring and summer tour that will see them reach America, Europe, UK and finally finishing in Manchester.

If the rumours prove correct, the World Tour is to kick of in North America in May 2012, followed by Europe in June and then onto the UK in late-June.

The series of gigs will climax with the 3 Heaton Park homecoming gigs in Manchester.

If correct, this would leave the Roses free to accept any lucrative festival offers over the summer.


7 thoughts on “Stone Roses 2012 tour rumours”

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  2. Please, Please, Please don’t let the North American tour fall through! I’ve been a Roses fan for many years and got my daughter into them when she was growing up. I never imagined they would get back together much less tour the states. Going to see them with my daughter would be so friggen’ awesome I can’t put it into words! Cheers!

  3. Just ordered a ticket for friday 29th June, so hope that it is the first gig so I can be a part of musical history. The Roses are gonna save the world from all this x factor pish

  4. Being that May is almost over, I’m going to boldly declare that this was just a rumor.

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