Iconic Roses’ Magazine covers

First in an occasional series where I’ll feature some iconic (and some not so great) Stone Roses’ magazine and music press covers from over the years.

First up are some early examples from 1989 and 1990. These are arguably some of the best covers to feature the Roses with the ‘Never Mind The Pollocks’ edition of the NME the most famous of all.

What’s your favourite ever Roses’ magazine cover? Leave a comment and let us know.

2 thoughts on “Iconic Roses’ Magazine covers”

  1. The “Pollocked Roses” photo is so iconic that it’s got to win, but my personal favourite is the “On Top Of The World” one. It’s the Roses at their peak, how I want to remember them 🙂

  2. My personal favourite is the one from 23 december 1989, Top of the World one, it was just around than as a 13 year old after hearing the stone roses for the very first time changed my life completely,and that cover reminds me of those times, young and carefree, and when the roses had the whole world in the palm of there hands, bliss.

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