Original Elephant Stone version by Peter Hook

Stumbled across a nice little post over at the excellent music blog The Power of Independent Trucking.

He has for download a version of Elephant Stone which may be the original unreleased version which was produced by Peter Hook.

There’s no doubt that it sounds different from the various released versions but I don’t know if it is the Hooky produced version … it probably is though.

The origins of this version are interesting. Take one original 12 inch version of Elephant Stone. Re-reverse Full Fathom Five and you have yourself a nice new/old version of Elephant Stone.

Or just go here where all the work has been done for you.

More 20th Anniversary adverts

Here’s a couple more adverts promoting the 20th Anniversary editions of The Stone Roses.

HMV Our Inspiration advert August 2009Full page advert August 2009

HMV has taken a different approach with their advert featuring a classic Ian Tilton photograph and lyrics from She Bangs The Drums. Quite effective I feel, but possibly would appeal more to an existing fan rather than the casual buyer.

The second is a larger variation of the advert posted yesterday.