Original Elephant Stone version by Peter Hook

Stumbled across a nice little post over at the excellent music blog The Power of Independent Trucking.

He has for download a version of Elephant Stone which may be the original unreleased version which was produced by Peter Hook.

There’s no doubt that it sounds different from the various released versions but I don’t know if it is the Hooky produced version … it probably is though.

The origins of this version are interesting. Take one original 12 inch version of Elephant Stone. Re-reverse Full Fathom Five and you have yourself a nice new/old version of Elephant Stone.

Or just go here where all the work has been done for you.

7 thoughts on “Original Elephant Stone version by Peter Hook”

  1. Hardly any breaking news… I first reversed Full Fathom Five using a 4 track portastudio back in 1989.

  2. …or just reverse the version of FFF found on “The Complete Stone Roses” CD, which appears to be the same track you’re talking about here…? (ie a slightly different mix of Elephant Stone, just spun backwards with no added effects, etc)

  3. come on and reform-one tour please!,stone roses are a classic of a band.I remember ye doing feile in the 90’s in Pairc ui chaoimh, Cork , Ireland and I was too young to go-gis another chance for a savage band-please!p.s. ye knock the shit shit out of oasis for quality music.

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