Warehouse 1, The Flower Show 20 July 1985

Warehouse 1 - Flower Show flyer 20-07-85
Warehouse 1 – Flower Show flyer 20-07-85

Flower Show 1, Railway arch Fairfield Street, Manchester.


  1. Heart On The Staves
  2. Fall
  3. So Young
  4. I Wanna Be Adored
  5. Here It Comes
  6. Tragic Roundabout
  7. Open Your Eyes
  8. Getting Plenty
  9. Tell Me


Ian Brown: “It was Steve [Adge] who started the warehouse parties. He put the three warehouse shows on which started everything. He said, ‘I got the place in Fairfield Street behind Piccadilly train station, I was thinking of doing a party. It’s called, The Flower Show and I want a band to play. Are you up for it?'”


4 thoughts on “Warehouse 1, The Flower Show 20 July 1985”

  1. Does anyone know where I can find another copy of the 1st Warehouse video? I was at the gig and would love to see it again.

  2. I went to this gig with my sister and her boyfriend Dave Hicks who I was in a band with that the Roses supported once I think?? I also remember chatting to Harry from Inca Babies and I’m not sure I dreamt this or not but for some odd reason seem to think Blixa Bargeld was there.

  3. Contrary to legend, whilst the second Stone Roses show (in November) was indeed in a railway arch, this one wasn’t.
    There were a row of three or four single-storey ‘prefabricated concrete’ (post-war build I’m sure) warehouses on Fairfield Street – ‘set down’ slightly from street level.
    The ‘Flower Party’ (as with the ACR show in late August ’85) actually took place in one of these. I’ve passed the spot in the last week; sadly the said warehouses look to have been demolished quite recently.

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