City Sound Hippodrome, Milan – 17 July 2012

17 July – City Sound Hippodrome, Milan

Round up of reviews, images, video and audio. This is the fan’s view of the gig, so leave your comments, reviews, photos, videos and ticket scans.

3 thoughts on “City Sound Hippodrome, Milan – 17 July 2012”

  1. Was at the gig last night at Citysound Milano. Absolutely a great set including the full version of “Fools Gold” (priceless !!).
    Only negative for me (and the rest of the audience) was that there was no encore at the end (not even one, love !!). Otherwise a truly memorable evening.

  2. The gig in Milan was an amazing show and a great experience and felt more intimate than the Heaton Park shows. I don’t agree with the comments above about the fact that there was no encore. The set finished with ‘Resurrection’ which was a perfect end to a perfect evening. It couldn’t have been any better……..

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