New Roses singles

Elephant Stone 7 inch single 2009A series of 7 inch and digital download singles are being released in the run up to the album re-release.

The series will kick off on 6 July with Elephant Stone. It will be backed with The Hardest Thing In The World as a b-side. The digital download versions will also feature an additional bonus track, with ‘Untitled 1’  the first ‘new’ track.

The series will run to 5 singles, all of which will come with a 7 inch art print. A numbered collectors’ box will also be available to house them.

‘Official’ podcast launched

An official podcast from Sony has been launched in the run up to the re-release of The Stone Roses album. The series is set to run for 5 episodes with the first featuring new interviews with John Leckie and Clint Boon.

It’s worth checking out and I’m looking forward to the rest in the series.

Check it out on iTunes or access it via Feedburner.