New Roses singles

Elephant Stone 7 inch single 2009A series of 7 inch and digital download singles are being released in the run up to the album re-release.

The series will kick off on 6 July with Elephant Stone. It will be backed with The Hardest Thing In The World as a b-side. The digital download versions will also feature an additional bonus track, with ‘Untitled 1’  the first ‘new’ track.

The series will run to 5 singles, all of which will come with a 7 inch art print. A numbered collectors’ box will also be available to house them.

6 thoughts on “New Roses singles”

  1. I want to buy The series 5 singles of 7 inch. Or I want to buy 7inch Collectors’ box.When will I order them? Which site will I buy them? I order from Japan.

  2. i want to buy the boxset !!!! from where should i buy and which format so that the records chart ? and if buying the boxset would that ensure all 5 records make an impact ?

  3. Does anyone know if these new 7″ singles are the new remastered 2009 versions?

  4. I can’t wait for this…in the meantime…does anyone out there know where an old 52 year old geezer like me can get a CD-R copy of the Empress Ballroom show from ’89??? I am desperately seeking said as it was a favorite of my wife’s…I can pay costs etc. THANKS…till 8/11/09…

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