Tokyo ’89 (aka “Stand Still”)

City: Tokyo, Japan

Date: 24 or 27 October 1989

Running Time (Approx): 65 mins

CD Cover: front | back | inlay | CD


  1. Intro
  2. I Wanna Be Adored
  3. Elephant Stone
  4. Waterfall
  5. Sugar Spun Sister
  6. Made Of Stone
  7. Standing Here
  8. She Bangs The Drums
  9. Where Angels Play
  10. Shoot You Down
  11. Sally Cinnamon
  12. I Am The Resurrection

Sound Quality: A
Good, strong sound all the way through – feel that snare drum hit, and hear the reverb on Ian’s vocals! The hi-hats and cymbals are very clear, almost too clear. Guitars distort at high levels, but this is a great recording, especially for 1989.

Performance Quality: A
Ian sounds better than at Blackpool and stays in tune nearly all the time. Reni sounds brilliant, especially on Shoot You Down and Resurrection. Squire makes the odd mistake, but overall is as good as ever. Definitely the best bootleg for fans of the rhythm section.

Why should I get this bootleg?

It really captures the atmosphere at the gig more than many other Roses bootlegs, and is in great quality and a great performance. Strongly recommended.

Fan Reviews

“The drums and bass sound a lot better than their studio albums” – Jon Heimdal, USA

“Good, but lacks bass.” – Graham Laffin, Northern Ireland

“Reni’s drumming is great, best I’ve probably ever heard… John was ok I guess, his guitar was way out of tune on Where Angels Play, which actually is kind of a neat effect. I think Sally C was my fave from this” – Elliot Chodowski, USA

“Even better than I expected, the sound quality is excellent and the Roses are on shit-hot form.” – Craig Elder, Scotland

“The sound quality is brilliant… Mani and Reni are faultless, the end of Elephant Stone and all over Resurrection they sound so bloody funky.” – Ben Cohen, England

“Fucking fantastic, with the crowd going apeshit whenever basically anything happens.” – Alan Parkinson, England

“Excellent, Adored sounded especially good, I also reckon that it’s the only time they got Standing Here sounding right.” – Peter Hancox, England

“Are you sure this gig was in 1989? It sounds like it was done yesterday.” – Paul Bradwell, England

“In this, a guy in the audience shouted “SAIKOOOOHH!” (meaning ‘What a hell!’ ‘Marvellous!’ ‘Amazing!’ ‘Top!’ or ‘Mental!’) several times. I am same as him. Both performances and sound conditions are quite good. John’s guitar playing was extraordinary on Standing Here. Reni’s drumming was superb on IATR. From Made of Stone to Shoot You Down (I like this order anyway), NO, from the intro to the end of IATR all each moment were keeping shine. No pause. Just listen to it. Just feel it. Just dance with the music. I can’t do anything other than that. Because,the Stone Roses is original. Because, they and their music is always themselves.” – Tomoko Nakamura, Japan

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  1. Hi,Im trying to find out where i can get hold of this from – be grateful for advice

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