Stockholm Fryhuset ’90

City: Fryhuset, Sweden

Date: 19th May 1990

Running Time (Approx): 80 mins


  1. Intro
  2. I Wanna Be Adored
  3. Elephant Stone
  4. She Bangs The Drums
  5. Shoot You Down
  6. One Love
  7. Sally Cinnamon
  8. Standing Here
  9. Fools Gold
  10. Where Angels Play
  11. Waterfall
  12. Don’t Stop
  13. Something’s Burning
  14. Made Of Stone
  15. Elizabeth My Dear
  16. I Am The Resurrection

Sound Quality: B
Good quality, balanced recording, though slightly muffled in places.

Performance Quality: B
Some funky stuff in the warm-up to Spike Island, and the performance here actually turned out to be better. One Love stops after two minutes though after a mistake by Mani.

Why should I get this bootleg?

Ian’s chats with the crowd are amusing, and it’s one of the longest sets the pre-Second Coming Roses did, so you certainly get value for money.


This was part of the Roses’ Scandinavian tour, that they used as a warm-up to Spike Island. The Fryhuset is a large YMCA-style building, and 1,500 people were crammed into it to see the Roses. After the gig, the band hit the town and, according to eye-witness reports, got completely wasted.

Fan Reviews

“Something’s Burning is fantastic. The sound is a little muffled, but clear.” – Ben Cohen, England

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