Manchester University ’85

City: Manchester, England

Date: 22nd November 1985

Running Time (Approx): 50 mins


1. So Young
2. Heart On The Staves
3. Here It Comes
4. All I Need Is All I Want
5. I Wanna Be Adored
6. Fall
7. This Is The One
8. Where Ever You Want
9. Tell Me
10. Fools Gold (Top Won Remix)
11. Fools Gold (Bottom Won Remix)

Sound Quality: C
Quite a bit of distortion, though the sound mix is quite good – nothing is too loud or too quiet. Fools Gold mixes are of professional quality.

Performance Quality: D
Very loud and shouty, but not very professional.
Why should I get this bootleg?

To hear how much of a complete maniac Ian used to be, and for the fact that this is one of the earliest live Roses recordings around.

The Roses had just released their debut single, So Young/Tell Me, which had sold well around Manchester. This was one of the biggest gigs an unknown band could play in Manchester at the time – the hall held 800 people. Pete Garner remembered; “It was the first gig where we got out of the van and people carried our gear in for us. There were loads of students helping us to carry our gear in.” Supporting the Roses were The Brigade, a Clash-soundalike band.

7 thoughts on “Manchester University ’85”

  1. I remember seeing the Roses at Manchester uni in 1985, a mates brother won 2 free tickets from piccadily radio and he gave them to us.
    The funny thing is, I recall a support band called “The Grid”, but I´m uncertain if there was 2 support bands that night.
    Maybe you could shed some light on this.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Phil, cheers.

    I don´t know where I got the band the Grid from.

  3. Did you have an arm in plaster? I remember seeing a stone roses support band drummer around this time at Manchester uni that did.

  4. Re “The Grid” you may be thinking of Oldham band T’Challa Grid who were around at that time. I think I saw them more than once as a support act for the Roses and/or Inspirals.

    Re the drummer with his arm in a sling, that was actually Reni not someone from a support band! He started off playing one handed but then threw caution (and the sling) to the wind and went for it. It might have been this gig.

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