Manchester Apollo 23-12-95

City: Manchester, England

Date: 23rd December 1995

Running Time (Approx): 90 mins


  1. I Wanna Be Adored
  2. She Bangs The Drums
  3. Waterfall
  4. Ten Storey Love Song
  5. Daybreak
  6. Breaking Into Heaven
  7. Your Star Will Shine
  8. Tightrope
  9. Tears – choice track
  10. Love Spreads
  11. Good Times
  12. Made Of Stone
  13. Driving South
  14. I Am The Resurrection

Sound Quality: A
As crisp as anything – all the detail is there in good quality. If you were being picky you might say the bass lacks depth and the recording is ever so slightly distant.

Performance Quality: B
Ian isn’t as good as the previous night. Squire is on pretty amazing form again, apart from a lacklustre Daybreak. Ippinson’s keyboards sound alright for a change, neatly integrated into most songs (apart from Waterfall, where they still grate). The crowd go mental (for the good performance, not Ippinson’s keyboards!)

Why should I get this bootleg?

For the wonderful atmosphere that greeted the Roses on their 5-year homecoming. Oh and in case you’re wondering, the applause that seems to happen for no reason during Daybreak is for when Ian held up a sign with “Reni lives” written on it.


This was the second night of the Roses’ ‘homecoming’ gigs, and an intense atmosphere was reported by all that went. Mick Middles, who wrote the Roses biography ‘Breaking Into Heaven’, said about it: “Even a seasoned gig-goer such as the author went into a state of ecstasy at the sight and sound of the Roses in full flight; others in attendance, including Noel Gallagher, were equally stunned at what the band seemed to be pulling off, despite the loss of Reni.” There were rumours that Reni would get up to play on I Am The Resurrection, but it never happened.

Fan reviews

“Good, but kind of distant, kind of like Blackpool but a little worse.” – George Chuddy, USA

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