Luxor Club ’89 (aka “Etched In Stone”)

City: Cologne, Germany

Date: 4th October 1989

Running Time (Approx): 55 mins


  1. Intro
  2. I Wanna Be Adored
  3. Elephant Stone
  4. Made Of Stone
  5. Waterfall
  6. Sally Cinnamon
  7. She Bangs The Drums
  8. Standing Here
  9. Where Angels Play
  10. Shoot You Down
  11. I Am The Resurrection

CD Cover Art

Sound Quality: B
Drums and guitar are captured well, as are vocals, even if it is a bit rough-sounding.

Performance Quality: A
Stunning and full of passion from all four – after a slightly shaky Adored, gets MUCH better. Reni’s backing vocals particularly stand out. The run from Made Of Stone to Standing Here is breathtaking. The version of Resurrection they play is unique too – just over 12 minutes long.

Why should I get this bootleg?

For all the reasons mentioned above, plus to hear Ian (and a few Mancs who seem to have travelled over) getting annoyed with the German crowd!

Fan Reviews

“You were right about it being a bit tinny, but it is clear. They improve as they go along into the set, and I thought they were excellent overall.” – Paul Youngson, Scotland

“Ian’s singing voice is beautiful, and the harmony with Reni is supreme bliss. Reni’s hi-hat work on the intro of ‘She Bangs…’ is very long, great. ‘Waterfall’ has tremendous power. All songs are the Roses excelled performance. This bootleg item moved my heart!” – Takatoshi Nabeshima, Japan

One thought on “Luxor Club ’89 (aka “Etched In Stone”)”

  1. I was at that gig. I remember it started very late. Crowd was very annoyed because they had to wait for hours, whatever the reason was. Was worth waiting though.

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