Glasgow Green ’90

City: Glasgow, Scotland
Date: 9th June 1990

Running Time (Approx): 70 mins


  1. I Wanna Be Adored
  2. Elephant Stone
  3. She Bangs The Drums
  4. Shoot You Down
  5. One Love
  6. Sally Cinnamon
  7. Sugar Spun Sister
  8. Standing Here
  9. Fools Gold
  10. Where Angels Play
  11. Waterfall
  12. Made Of Stone
  13. Elizabeth My Dear
  14. I Am The Resurrection

Sound Quality: B
A great bassy, involving sound, and good crowd atmosphere, but lead and bass guitars dominate a bit too much. Drums are quite unclear.

Performance Quality: A
The most charged Roses gig ever. The opening Adored is absolutely mental – you can taste the atmosphere. It continues like that all the way through, especially the guitar, which, although not technically perfect, is just crazy, out of control, brilliant. Squire on fire! Only let down slightly by the sonic mess that is IATR at the end. One for playing loud.

Why should I get this bootleg?

It’s the closest you’ll come to feeling the atmosphere at a Roses gig (unless you’ve been to one), and is a fantastic performance by the lads, apart from Reni actually. I would recommend getting this on CD/MiniDisc as to get the full, deep bass.


After the mess that was Spike Island, the Roses wanted to prove to the British press that they could still do it live. Glasgow Green was held in a massive tent, which held 7,000 people. Mani has said in interviews since that this was their favourite ever gig – “When we were on stage that day, we all looked at each other, and then just went up another level”. The atmosphere was apparently completely intense, and the tent contributed to both the sound and the heat – Ian Brown said he wanted the sweat to hit the ceiling at come back down on the fans! This, of course, was the Roses last gig for five years, and Reni’s live swansong – never again would he grace the stage with his wonderful drumming.

Fan Reviews

“Amazing” – John Skogland, USA

“My favourite show” – David Peddie, Scotland

“The atmosphere is amazing and you can sense how important they were during that period, it really captures them at their best” – Kieran Gray, England

“Excellent, you can sense the atmosphere which makes it even better. The quality’s fine and never really distracts from the music” – Ben Cohen, England

“You have to really crank it up to get the full effect. I actually love I Am The Resurrection at the end of the concert but like you say the jamming bit at the end is odd.” – Warren Stalley, England

“Great! I’ve been listening to it full blast on my earphones!” – Michael Reed, England

“Brings the memories flooding back” – Greig Barrie, Scotland

“Truly amazing, the crowd are going mental from first minute to last” – Craig Elder, Scotland

“The bass is fucking rocking! I’d rather listen to Reni on a bad day than Robbie on a bad day. The crowd singing the intro guitar to Adored is absolutely mental.” – George Chuddy, USA

“Awesome (I Wanna Be Adored especially) although the sound seems a bit weak.” – Peter Hancox, England

“Sally Cinnamon was the best performance of that track I’ve heard. Just perfect… it’s probably my favourite live Roses track.” – RT, Taiwan

“I was at Glasgow Green. I’ve heard a dodgy cassette bootleg, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of your recording. The bass is excellent.” – Richie, Scotland

“Fucking amazing mental atmosphere or what!” – Stephen Hackworth, England

“Wow!, it must have been fantastic to have been there! What a great crowd, I like it when everyone’s singing along to Shoot You Down. You can really get a feel for the atmosphere. You can tell they were on top form, and Ian’s voice doesn’t sound out of tune! I really liked Elephant Stone and Made of Stone, and One Love was good as well, it was all brilliant!” – Emma Harper, England

“Love it. My favourite part is when audience sings along to Elizabeth My Dear, bursts into riotous applause, and then the drum beat for Resurrection kicks in. It’s a classic moment.” – Coleen Clancy, USA

“Oh to have been at Glasgow! It sounds mental – ‘Is that loud enough at the back or do it want it more louder?’. The way Fools Gold leads into Where Angels Play is just too good and Sugar Spun Sister – that song is so underrated.” – Paul Bradwell, England

“Fantastic. Great atmosphere. The Stone Roses had been completely burned (and then, burned out???…). It is the moment of a blessing. Not only God bless them but also both Roses and audience bless each other. Me as well. And all of them who have listened to (and felt and touched) this bootleg. I’ve never felt euphoria like this ever. I couldn’t feel it at live in 95 era (I’ve been to Paris and 3 different venues in Japan in 95) or video (Blackpool one) or other bootlegs The Stone Roses is like class A drugs (I’ve never taken any tablets anyway).
I’m addict for this.” – Tomoko Nakamura, Japan

9 thoughts on “Glasgow Green ’90”

  1. Just listening to a bootleg of ‘I am The Ressurection’ live from Glasgow Green… All I can say is Wow ! On the few occasions when Reni really nails the backing harmonies and when Ian hits the right pitch their voices together are spine tingling, especially when drenched in that swirling psychedledic ound of Sqires Gretsch. I must say though, much credit tot he sound technition on this day, VERY lound indeed, wish I was there :/

  2. Listening to it again on YouTube what a day what a night what an experience best I’ve ever seen left from Dundee with a carry out in the back of an old transit van couple of pints in the gorbals then onto Glasgow green it was so special so electric cant really describe it one of the highlights of my life superb night !!!!

  3. I was at the gig as a young 16 year old with my best mate, what a show and what an education where you see real musicians at their best. We still talk about it nearly 30 years later, it was the one. 🍋🍋🍋🍋

  4. I was there, I had no ticket sat on the grass with two friends Ian brown came over, we gave him a smoke, he gave us 3 vip passes what a day

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