Anti-Clause 28 Gig (aka “This Is The One)

“That was my favourite gig of all time, killed me dead, changed me fuckin’ life. If I hadn’t gone that night, I’d probably be sitting in some pub in Levenshulme. Liam Gallagher”

City: Manchester, England

Date: 30th May 1988

Running Time (Approx): 50 mins


1. Intro (I Am Without Shoes)
2. I Wanna Be Adored
3. Mersey Paradise
4. Here It Comes
5. Sugar Spun Sister
6. Waterfall
7. Elephant Stone
8. She Bangs The Drums
9. Going Down
10. Made Of Stone
11. I Am The Resurrection
12. Sally Cinnamon – choice track
13. This Is The One
14. I Wanna Be Adored (Piccadily Radio Session 1985)
15. Heart On The Staves (Piccadily Radio Session 1985)
16. Tell Me (Piccadily Radio Session 1985)

CD Cover Art

Sound Quality: B
Good, especially for its early date. Very sharp, good instrument seperation.

Performance Quality: C
A bit rough sounding, and a few mistakes abound in a time when the Roses weren’t completely tight on their new songs. Sally Cinnamon, being a slightly older song, goes very well though.
Why should I get this bootleg?

It’s one of the better quality bootlegs from the Roses pre’89, and you can hear their older, punkier style is still there on some songs. This bootleg was recorded by a someone who went to the gig with a certain Mr Noel Gallagher.

The Roses were second on the bill in this gig, the headliners being James. However, James got annoyed when the Roses put up posters advertising the gig, with ‘Stone Roses’ in big letters, and ‘James’ underneath. They got even more annoyed when the Roses deliberately arrived late on stage and extended their set, meaning that by the time they had finished it was 11:30 and loads of people left. The gig organised as a protest against the British government bringing in ‘Clause 28’, which banned literature containing homosexuality in schools. Ian, John and Reni also went on a march to protest against it. Liam and Noel both say that if they hadn’t gone to this gig, there would be no Oasis, since Liam wanted to be a frontman after seeing Ian Brown do his stuff on stage that night. Ian Brown later sited it as one of their greatest gigs, though he apparently looked really annoyed all the way through the gig. It was the first time John Leckie went to see them, and he was very impressed. Ian Brown later said he thought it was “The perfect Stone Roses gig.”
Fan Reviews

“The IATR at this gig is the worst Roses track I have ever heard. Just a bizarre bizarre song, at one point Ian seems to try and sing a lyric an octave higher. I thought the guitar sound was shit. Actually, Ian’s voice is pretty smooth throughout, the one redeemable quality, I like Adored, he sounds really good. I guess it’s good for historical reasons.” – Elliot Chodowski, USA

“Surprised at the speed they played Mersey Paradise and Waterfall. Also more bass drum work in She Bangs The Drums. Very interesting.” – Stuart Wilson, Scotland

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