Lilla Marquee Västertorp Stockholm ’85

City: Västertorp, Stockholm, Sweden

Venue: Lilla Marquee

Date: 19th April 1985

Running Time (Approx): 15 mins


  1. Mission Impossible
  2. Nowhere Fast (aka Just A Little Bit)
  3. Tragic Roundabout
  4. Interview with Ian Brown

Bootleg Review

Sound Quality: D
Fades in/out and quite a bit of distortion. Interview (done after the gig) is of professional quality though.

Performance Quality: D
Very charged up, but in the end, unorganised.

Why should I get this bootleg?

A very early recording of the Roses hears Ian at his most confrontational. Also worth getting for the interview with Ian afterwards.

Fan Reviews

“I can’t believe the Roses made it out of Sweden alive with the harassment Ian laid on the crowd. It really cracked me up” – Elliot Chodowski, USA

One thought on “Lilla Marquee Västertorp Stockholm ’85”

  1. By the way, they played at Lilla Marquee April 19th 1985 and not 23rd, and the songs was:
    * Mission Impossible
    * Nowhere Fast (also known as “Just a little bit”)
    * Trust a Fox

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