War and Peace: Pete Garner interview

The Stone Roses: War And PeacePete Garner, bass player in The Stone Roses from 1983-87, was interviewed extensively by author Simon Spence for his Roses’ biography, The Stone Roses: War and Peace.

Pete’s interview provides a fascinating insider’s look at the very early formative years of the band. The interview transcripts are presented unedited.

Available exclusively via thestoneroses.co.uk and Simon’s website, this regular series of interviews will reveal the real story of The Stone Roses like never before.

4 thoughts on “War and Peace: Pete Garner interview”

  1. No I don’t think so, certainly not at the moment. There’s plenty more to come from Simon but he hasn’t indicated anything from Reni will be one of them.

  2. Oh ok. Would be nice to hear whatever he has. I really liked his book. Great to finally have a book with some substance to it

  3. I remember reni asking me about the names the band was thinking of changing too, and what I thought about them? so he had already joined the band when they was changing there name to become The Stone Roses.

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