Heaton Park review roundup

The Stone Roses, Heaton Park, Manchester
The Stone Roses, Heaton Park, Manchester

Stone Roses resurrected in Manchester, BBC News

“Each member contributes something different but utterly crucial to their magic. When they are good, they are glorious. It is musical greatness to the power of four.”

The Stone Roses – review, The Guardian

“It would take an almost superhuman effort not to be carried along with the mood of euphoria during Made of Stone or Love Spreads.”

The Stone Roses come home at heroic first night of Heaton Park, NME
The Stone Roses smash second night at Heaton Park, NME

The Stone Roses Return to Manchester, Rolling Stone

Stone Roses Heaton Park review, The Telegraph

The Stone Roses still sound vital, reassuringly cocky and strangely relevant. Even the staunchest fan may have harboured reservations about their ability to relight the glory days, let alone party like it’s 1989. But, tonight at least, they’ve exceeded all expectations.

The day cometh, Clash magazine (29 June)

It’s the day when The Stone Roses decided to fuck with their legend and hurl their spirit back into the sky for us to devour once more.

We’d come to taste the stigmata, and hope that their reconciled efforts would be good enough to slake our thirst for it to be as good as we expected.

Here’s to a new chapter, Clash magazine (30 June)

Watching the Roses walk on stage was an emotional experience – swelling pride, disbelief, euphoria and excitement all bubbled and boiled as 75,000 cheers greeted them.

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8 thoughts on “Heaton Park review roundup”

  1. One… ONE, single solitary bad review they got… from a snide muso journalist at The Independent. And funnily enough, he made several glaring errors in his write up and gave the wrong song titles, so it shows what he knows! Elsewhere, back on planet sane, the lads got rave 4/5 star reviews right across the board… and as anyone who made it on Fri, Sat or Sun knows, they were all deserved. Second coming… the return of the prodigal Mancunian sons, call it what you will – all I know is their music is still more relevant than 99% of what currently charts. I’m on my knees begging for a third album and a headliner at the return of Glastonbury in 2013… so we can finally banish Reading 96 from our poor memory banks. Please, please, PLEASE make this happen, Ian and the lads.

  2. Due to the mad free-for-all for tickets, a large group of us old nutters made it down from Paisley spread out over the 3 days. I made it down on the Sunday with the echoes of the doom mongers ringing in our ears “dont need to see them, saw them at Glasgow Green” (widely regarded as their best gig) being the main one. Well fuck you pessimists. These gigs will go down in history. Going on the Sunday was a bonus as the reports we were getting back from the two previous days only added to the anticipation and excitement. Other people have covered the gig and the set list far more eloquently than I ever could so I’d like to comment on the thing that struck me above all else… The crowd vibe was fucking magical. The best I’ve ever experienced. We never met one arsehole all day which is pretty much unheard of at a gig that size full of ‘lads’. Everyone was on the same wavelength, a living, breathing, hugging, dancing, singing mass of humanity (although that might’ve been the pills n poppers). So for that Manchester, thank you.

  3. Not sure If everyone here is aware but at the friday night gig at heaton park, a yound lad was seperated from his friends on the way out of the park, he was obviously on an amazing high after such a great show and unfortunatly he hasnt been seen since. Please can you help to spread the word to all stone roses fans that attended from across the uk and beyond! If anyone has any information no matter how small please contact greater manchester police ASAP. http://www.facebook.com/groups/275750745866192/#!/groups/275750745866192/

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