Ian Tilton Stone Roses photo exhibition

Mani's first photo shoot with The Stone Roses in 1987

Rock City Art gallery is exhibiting a fantastic collection of Stone Roses photographs captured by award winning photographer Ian Tilton.

‘What The World Is Waiting For’ brings together Tilton’s collection of images charting the rise of The Stone Roses from obscurity in 1987 to worldwide cult status 1990. Based in Manchester, Ian Tilton began his career in the eighties, shooting iconic bands around the world such as Guns N Roses, Iggy Pop, The Smiths, U2 and The Cure.

Tilton’s shot of Nirvana’s exhausted and tearful Kurt Cobain was hailed by Q Magazine as one of the 6 best rock photographs of all time – while his photo of the Stone Roses front man Ian Brown with an orange in his mouth has gone down in rock n roll photographic legend. The photography of Tilton also featured on the interior sleeve of the Roses’ debut album. He successfully captured the raw energy and allure of the young band when they played live on the Other Side of Midnight TV show.

The Stone Roses July 1989, Chorlton

Ian Tilton and The Stone Roses lived in the same area of Manchester. “We bonded on our first shoot together as none of us wanted to create something boring. We held a mutual appreciation of creating something conceptually different.” Ian Tilton

He says: “They’d been working at it for years when I first came into contact with them in 1985, then I photographed them in 1987, they came to my studio in Chorlton, and I realised at last they’ve got something good.”

If you can’t make the exhibition, the RCA website also has a great selection of the images online. Exhibition posters, prints signed by Tilton and a book based on the exhibition are all available to buy.

The exhibition runs from June 1st until June 22nd and entry is free. See the Rock City Art website for full details.

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