Roses electric comeback gig

The Stone Roses have played their first comeback gig.

The free gig announced this afternoon, was played at the 1100 capacity Parr Hall, Warrington. An ecstatic crowd, including Cressa and Liam Gallagher, witnessed an electric performance from the classic Roses lineup of Brown, Squire, Mani and Reni.

Roses Parr Hall, Warrington

The Stone Roses played an 11 song list, drawing primarily from their debut album but also featuring two b-sides and two Second Coming tracks

Early reports suggest The Roses went down a storm,with a strong performance from the band and a solid vocal showing from Ian.

Parr Hall, Warrington set list:

1. I Wanna Be Adored

2. Mersey Paradise

3. Sally Cinnamon

4. Made of Stone

5. Sugar Spun Sister

6. Where Angels Play

7. Shoot You Down

8. Tightrope

9. Waterfall

10. She Bangs The Drums

11. Love Spreads

12 thoughts on “Roses electric comeback gig”

  1. Sensational!! I only hope I get to see them this time around. Love the Roses. Please come to Australia.

  2. I was there last night and oh my god!!!
    Life long roses fan and I never got to see em in my prime , I’m so glad I’ve finally got to see them.
    Mani was as funky as ever! Reni on the double bass drum kit was a master! Squire and brown immense! I could go on for hours all I can say the resurrection started last night and I was there! For all you roses fans out there if you haven’t got a ticket to see them yet then GET ONE!!!!!!

  3. Too far away to get there in time for a wrist band otherwise I would have been there… Maybe London next time? Anyone know if there is/going to be a bootleg of this gig? Roll on Heaton Park…

  4. just hearing about this gig gives me goosebumps and cannot wait for june the 30th gonna be fuckin mega

  5. Dunno bout a bootleg mate they wouldn’t allow filming but there’s a few shots on YouTube ! They were filming for a documentary outside which I got involved with, just an amazing day altogether cos i didn’t know anything about it till last min , unreal man I need more more and a lot more!

  6. Good news is round the world in a fraction of a second(or as our parents may have once said,it travels fast) and news of last nights Warrington gig seems to be 10 out of 10.
    Sadly bad news certainly of that scale travels just as fast too ??.
    I talk of last weeks sad story of the scrap metal thief whole stole the memorial plaque commeorating young Timothy Parry and his fried who were murdered by the IRA in the infamous Warrington bomb tragedy in the years just prior to the Good Friday Agreement.
    Go on lads it was a nice gesture to make yesterdays come back gig in Warrington free of charge but take it to the next level and offer Mr Parry to pay for a replacement plaque to show your appreciation to Warrington for last nights support.
    Sadly young Timothy and friend never got the chance to attend last nights free show and whos to say one or both may have been there if they didnt have the oppurtunity to grow into Stone Roses fans that oppurtunity was so tragically taken from them when the IRA decided to use the lovely little towns city centre to make some sort of pathetic statement.
    Anyway still hoping to track down a Ticket for Friday at Heaton Park which still hopeful of but go on guys give the stolen plaque the chance of a Second Coming, those two poor young lads wont get the same chance.

  7. Completely stoked that they’re back!!! Please come to the U.S. later this year. We promise to be on our best behavior:) (And please, too, remember those of us who signed the petition several years back urging you to re-form…we are the True Believers…). Welcome Back, Lads!!!

  8. 2 young tae c them in ther heyday. its like a dream. a fantasy football team. cany wait tae c reni live. bring on manchester!

  9. Glasgow green 1990,i was there.
    Heaton park here we come.cant wait to experience the unique presence and electric vibes of this band again.if it tops 1990,i will be happy for another 20 years!
    Can i just ask if anyone looking for a hospitality ticket for friday 29th.a mate has backed out.if interested email [email protected] or visit glasgow gumtree.cheers

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