“Unconfirmed” tour dates exposed as fake by NME

After initially publishing the rumoured Roses tour dates as seen on this site and elsewhere, the NME has re-written their article exposing the dates as incorrect.

Let’s hope the dates are indeed wrong as some of the venues were very unpopular choices with the fans.

Any inside info on tour dates or otherwise can be sent to: [email protected]


The Stone Roses UK and Ireland arena dates are exposed as fake by NME

One thought on ““Unconfirmed” tour dates exposed as fake by NME”

  1. Didn’t think they were genuine… The band would need a rest after such a long time away, and three nights at Heaton Park. But I hope they do announce more gigs, and that it is better organised (because a lot of fans – including many from Manchester) have missed out with the online feeding frenzy that occured last Friday morning.

    I stll refuse to pay the ridiculous prices that are being demanded. That would be totally against what The Roses always stood for: they never ripped off fans or cashed in (although Silvertone have, many times!), but I am determined to see the lads play again (all them gigs at International 2 are still fresh in the memory)….

    Also a big ‘Up Your’s’ to NME… They do articles about fans being ripped off by Ebay sellers, then they have a link for the rapacious Viagogo right under it! Bugger right off!

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