58 thoughts on “Roses Resurrection”

  1. Totally gutted!!! Booked tickets for the Sunday on see tickets, over the moon! Returned to my computer and there was an email from see tickets saying that they over subscribed the event and they had cancelled our booking!!! Apparently happened to a load of people, anyone else!!! Not happy, enjoy the show if your going!!!!

  2. fuck fuck fuck,gonna head down to manchester on the 29th should get a ticket outside venue no bother

  3. Cannot wait for 29th June 2012

    All of Barrow-in-Furness is well up for it and Roses mania is the main talking point in our town.

    8 months 8 days till the gig of the century

  4. As one of those who signed all the petitions, downloaded all the boots, watched all the documentaries, read all the material and, perhaps most poignant of all, actually started off each day with my browser set to look for any mentions of “Stone Roses Reunion”…over the past 15 years…my ship has come in…will they hit the U.S. is my only hope…still the best jangly, thumping 4 piece of the past 25 years. Finally!

  5. Typical NME sucking up and revisionism in their last issue… ‘The debut album was released in 1989, and was given a rare 10/10 review in NME’.

    Total crap of course. Jack Barron gave the album 7 out of 10, and was rather lukewarm in his ‘praise’ (‘This is quite good. ….Just!).

    They also coveniently didn’t mention their mauling of ‘Second Coming’ (‘Anti-Climax Blues Band’), and slagging the band about Philip Hall (not that it was any of the bloody NME’S business!)… NME were two-faced gets 20 years ago, and they still are now… As Ian said at the press conference: ‘We don’t care what they think, and we never will…’


    SE SALE!!!!

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