The Stone Roses Collection

Hard to believe but here comes another Stone Roses re-packaged release! This time it’s called The Stone Roses Collection and it’s released by Sony today (30th August).

As you can see from the track list below, it’s quite an odd mix of tracks from the Silvertone era. Nothing new or unreleased here so one for the die-hards or  perhaps newcomers!

1. “Fools Gold” (Full Length)
2. “Waterfall”
3. “This Is The One”
4. “Elephant Stone” (Edit)
5. “Guernica”
6. “(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister”
7. “Shoot You Down”
8. “What The World Is Waiting For”
9. “One Love” (Edit)
10. “Something’s Burning” (Edit)
11. “Don’t Stop”
12. “Mersey Paradise” (Demo)
13. “Going Down”
14. “Standing Here”
15. “Simone”
16. “Fools Gold” (A Guy Called Gerald Top Won Mix)

5 thoughts on “The Stone Roses Collection”

  1. All these re-packages bother me. I mean really, there’s only so many times you can re-release the same songs before it just gets ridiculous.

  2. I agree, all these re-releases are beyond a joke. And this is one of the worst and most pointless collections so far. I listened to it on Spotify today some of the selections are mystifying. They say it’s the full length version of Something’s Burning, but it’s missing the trippy intro. The remastered version of Mersey Paradise is horrible, and I don’t really want to hear another desecrated remix of Fool’s Gold, even if it is by A Guy Called Gerald. I just wonder who this collection is aimed at. Old fans will have all the tracks listed here (except the rubbish versions) so they won’t be interested. If this is aimed at new fans then the omission of classics like I Am The Resurrection, She Bangs The Drums and Made Of Stone is unforgivable. And given that most of these tracks appeared on the 20th Anniversary edition of the album that was only recently released, it’s hard to fathom who is actually going to buy this. Come on guys, this cash cow has been milked enough.

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