Live Forever – The Stone Roses @ Spike Island

Live Forever was a documentary film from 2003 that took a look at the Brit Pop phenomenon. Whilst the Roses were never part of the Brit Pop movement, they are regarded as a major influence on the key bands of the movement.

The film examines the impact of The Roses and the following video features their Spike Island gig.

6 thoughts on “Live Forever – The Stone Roses @ Spike Island”

  1. This really brings back memories! I was 14 years old and was there with my twin sister and older brother. We were blown away by the sound and bustle of the whole day. Loads of people walking around in floppy hats and huge bell bottoms, could have been reliving the sixties in a nineties kind of way. Excellent memories!!

  2. is there anywhere to get a copy of the spike island live forever documentary >

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