Spike Island on video

sorry folks looks like the video has been pulled from YouTube due to copyright violations.

Here’s the next best thing, some behind the scenes footage from ePaxB – Roses @ Spike Island.

Time for something special. Unearthed is a trailer for the legendary Spike Island gig from 1990.

There’s been rumours of footage circulating for many years, and little bits and pieces have appeared. To date it’s mainly been rehearsal and behind the scenes footage.

This video is the first I’ve seen with actual stage footage from the gig itself.

6 thoughts on “Spike Island on video”

  1. this is fucking amazing, words just wont do it !!! still fucks me up that i decided not to go to this gig,keeps me awake some nights. i just thought they were going to go on and smash it. at the start of the footage it says “we filmed it all” who did ? and where is “all of it” ? i must get my hands on it.

  2. Sometimes its not a good idea to miss a gig. Sometimes you miss good things…..!!!!

    Exciting footage btw!

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