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  1. When will the bootleg list be completed with all the details of all the bootlegs? We have up to Ally Pally…..

  2. I really don’t know! I was just given a link to the download.
    If anyone does know please leave a comment.

  3. As for the Bootleg guide … yeah I know … it’s not good … you’re making me feel bad.
    Must try harder.

  4. another of so few examples of a band that is so goo that their raw demos are better than the album version… see also “elephant stone” on the lost demos anniversary disc, or any live version. so tight!

  5. Here’s more:
    The Stone Roses – In the Studio Vol. 1 1993-1994

    Your Star Will Shine
    1. setting up
    2. take it away john
    3. run through – ian mis-timing
    4. take your coat off it’s clicking
    5. nah nah
    6. losing the melody
    7. going backwards
    8. from 2nd verse
    9. excuses excuses
    10. this is hard work – john begins to get annoyed
    11. yeah – last run through proves successful
    Good times
    12. setting up, ian mani & reni begin to play
    13. man & reni duscuss the song
    14. ian mani & reni go through it again
    15. john joins in
    16. john, ian and reni from the chorus then mani joins in
    17. any one got any smash? ian and john then reni joins then mani
    18. funky jam
    19. she’s my heroin
    20. pulling it together
    21. sounding great

    Redemption Song
    22. first run through
    23. ians learning
    24. all the way through
    25. guitar goes wrong
    26. all the way through again
    27. bass joins in
    28. final redemption

    This is the Roses rehearsing songs from their second album 1994’s “Second Coming”
    These tracks were recorded at Rockfield studios in Wales in 1993 & 1994.
    The Roses recorded everything they were working on at this time and this provides a fascinating insight to their recording process.
    Redemption Song comes from the time that Reni bought Ian a guitar and Bob Marley songbook and told him to learn because “John wasnt interested in playing with them anymore”.

    get it here – http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zy1eyqmuh2y

    The Stone Roses – In The Studio Vol 2

    1. Ian & Reni recording water for Breaking into Heaven intro
    2. producer giving instructions/John in background
    3. alternate Ten Story Love Song intro
    4. John/Reni the tribal jam
    5. Good Times early version
    6. Love Spreads early version
    7. Love Spreads last section
    8. Begging You early vocal take no bass
    9. John/Reni jam Hendrix guitar jazz drumming
    10. Daybreak no vocals different bass
    11. Reni solo
    12. Tightrope bass from start of song
    13. John/Reni the funky jam
    14. Breaking Into Heaven no guitar Cant See Me bass line
    15. Driving South no vocal less guitar
    16. John/Reni the crazy jam rocky and intense.
    17. How Do You Sleep just Ian & John
    18. Reni solo 11 min of great drumming.

    Second volume of the Roses recording The Second Coming. Great stuff.

    get it here – http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ehwugjdu3xr

    Taken from week-ender.blogspot.com
    All credits to original uploader.

  6. Wonderful, like every song of yours.

    Please, keep posting demos. I love them ♥

    Regards, and The Stone Roses 4 ever!

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