I Wanna Be Adored TV show

I Wanna Be Adored TV show scene
Thankfully not a Monkees style recreation of the Roses heyday but a rather nifty trailer for a TV comedy pilot set in the ’90s.

I Wanna Be Adored follows two chancers Theo and Garry through a year in their lives. From hopelessly trying to form a band to joining someone elses, from reuniting with old school friends to falling out with your best one.

It of course features plenty of Roses tunes and other classics from the era.

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5 thoughts on “I Wanna Be Adored TV show”

  1. This looks amazing! Idk if they’d show it in the States though…. probably not….

  2. that’s entertaining !!!
    hopefully you can publish more so we can watch regularly and different topic may be good,

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