The Stone Roses Collection

Hard to believe but here comes another Stone Roses re-packaged release! This time it’s called The Stone Roses Collection and it’s released by Sony today (30th August).

As you can see from the track list below, it’s quite an odd mix of tracks from the Silvertone era. Nothing new or unreleased here so one for the die-hards or  perhaps newcomers!

1. “Fools Gold” (Full Length)
2. “Waterfall”
3. “This Is The One”
4. “Elephant Stone” (Edit)
5. “Guernica”
6. “(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister”
7. “Shoot You Down”
8. “What The World Is Waiting For”
9. “One Love” (Edit)
10. “Something’s Burning” (Edit)
11. “Don’t Stop”
12. “Mersey Paradise” (Demo)
13. “Going Down”
14. “Standing Here”
15. “Simone”
16. “Fools Gold” (A Guy Called Gerald Top Won Mix)