Milan Rolling Stone Festival ’89

City: Milan, Italy

Date: 28th September 1989

Running Time (Approx): 50 mins


1. Intro
2. I Wanna Be Adored
3. Elephant Stone
4. Waterfall
5. Made Of Stone
6. Standing Here
7. She Bangs The Drums
8. Where Angels Play
9. Shoot You Down
10. I Am The Resurrection (cut after 7 mins)

Sound Quality: C
Tinny – sounds quite “close” though. Distorts when the music gets too loud.

Performance Quality: D
Ian doesn’t exactly warm to audience from the start (see below) and the Roses sound like if the audience couldn’t be bothered, they couldn’t be either. There are guitar problems during Adored, and the Roses sound slothful, Squire going all over the shop in places and Reni messing up, playing “roughly” (hard to describe, get the gig then you’ll see what I mean). Sally Cinnamon was played at the gig but is cut from this bootleg for some reason.

Why should I get this bootleg?

Hear Ian getting annoyed with the lifeless crowd. During the opening tape he shouts “Hello… miserable bastards!”, and later goes on to shout “2,500 people and not a word!”. Perhaps a sign of the band’s boredom, during a long break between songs he says “We’re having a bit of a gap – we’re tired now”.

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