Manchester Ritz ’86

City: Manchester, England

Date: July 1986

Running Time (Approx): 45 mins


1. Here It Comes
2. Hardest Thing In The World
3. I Wanna Be Adored
4. So Young
5. Sugar Spun Sister
6. Boy On A Pedestal
7. Sally Cinnamon
8. Sugar Spun Sister (cut)
9. This Is The One
10. So Young (encore)

Sound Quality: C
Starts off really rough sounding, probably a D, but gradually improves to a reasonable, if distorted standard towards the end.

Performance Quality: C
Ian is awful on some songs, but Reni has now started doing backing vocals, which hides some of his worse moments. The band play through a fast-paced show quite tightly. Very brittle edge to the guitar on all teh songs. This Is The One ends in a shambles, but it always did! Hard to make out the performance quality at times.
Why should I get this bootleg?

The only bootleg available from 1986, contains live versions of Boy On A Pedestal and This Is The One, and a very early version of Sugar Spun Sister, with different guitar in the intro and different lyrics.

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