Manchester International 1 ’87

City: Manchester, England

Date: 26th June 1987

Running Time (Approx): 45 mins

CD Cover: n/a


1. Elephant Stone
2. The Hardest Thing In The World
3. Where Angels Play (radically different version)
4. Sally Cinnamon
5. Sugar Spun Sister
7. All Across The Sands
8. Here It Comes
9. The Sun Still Shines
10. Going Down
11. So Young
12. Mersey Paradise
13. Your Time Will Come
14. This Is The One
15. Tell Me

Sound Quality: A
Gig recorded from mixing desk – a bit rough but professional.

Performance Quality: B
Still sounding slightly amateurish, but Squire is starting to improve.
Why should I get this bootleg?

It’s a great recording of a gig full of rarities; The different version of Where Angels Play, Sun Still Shines, Your Time Will Come (which are rare songs anyway, let alone live), and The Hardest Thing In The World, they’re all on here.
Fan Reviews

“Excellent. The quality of the live show is great. It’s a pity the Roses never released a studio version of “Your Time Will Come” because it’s one of their best songs.” – Khris Timmons, Scotland

“Surprisingly good” – John Skogland, USA

“I was surprised at the different arrangement of Elephant Stone. It’s punkish! I was deeply impressed with Where Angels Play. The melody line different from the original is wonderful. Your Time Will Come is an excellent piece of music. It’s great!” – Takatoshi Nabeshima, Japan

“Not the best performance but the fact that all the songs are slightly different more than makes up for it.” – Ben Cohen, England

“Loud. It’s like I’m right there by the amps looking up at Ian singing.” – George Chuddy, USA

“After hearing this gig I can see why the people of Manchester were in such a frenzy, all the songs are played beautifully, it all seems so effortlessly brilliant!” – Frank Carlyon, England

“Very clear even though it’s not that good a performance… a few mistakes. The different songs and being able to hear everyone including Reni’s backing vocals make up for it. Also like the first 30 secs or so of Elephant Stone.” – Phill Jordan, England

“Here is the mixture of punk spirits, beautiful melodies and fresh power. Filled with pure energy all round. The energy of sounds and
spirits had broken a kind of darkness and suddenly brighter lights had shined in directly. It’s the first time I’ve heard both Sun Still Shines and Your Time Will Come. What a pure optimism! Squire’s melody line is original ever since I think. Also I was surprised and moved by the different versions of Elephant Stone The Hardest Thing and Where Angels Play. Young Reni’s drumming! Young Ian’s voice! Lively. Harsh. I was nearly dead… And other unforgettable moment is an acoustic version of Going Down…Oh my God…it’s the sweetest one. Manchester International…Rare experience, Fresh stuff. A huge piece of rough Stone (Roses).” – Tomoko Nakamura, Japan

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