Filmore Club San Francisco ’95

City: San Francisco, USA

Date: 31st May 1995

Running Time (Approx): 80 mins


  1. I Wanna Be Adored
  2. She Bangs The Drums
  3. Waterfall
  4. Ten Storey Love Song
  5. Daybreak
  6. Breaking Into Heaven
  7. Your Star Will Shine
  8. Tightrope
  9. Elizabeth My Dear
  10. I Am The Resurrection
  11. Good Times
  12. Love Spreads
  13. Made Of Stone
  14. Driving South

Sound Quality: B
Muffled, but mostly very clean with nice bass. If you were being picky you would say the vocals are a bit distant. Slight distortion nearer the end.

Performance Quality: B
The Roses’ best American show by quite a long way. Ian does some of his best live singing ever, especially on Ten Storey Love Song.

Why should I get this bootleg?

If you would like the Second Coming shows if the keyboards were not there, then this is one of the best performances without keyboards. Also to hear during Good Times when the music stops, instead of Ian singing the lyric, he just goes “Ooooh”. You have to listen to it yourself to hear why this is so funny, and cool.

Fan Reviews

“This show without Ipinson is SO much better. No longer do I have to cringe throughout the whole of Waterfall and at the pause before the second half of Resurrection.” – Alan Parkinson, England

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