Belfast University ’88

City: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Date: 7th December 1988

Running Time (Approx): 40 mins


  1. Here It Comes
  2. Mersey Paradise
  3. I Wanna Be Adored
  4. Elephant Stone
  5. Waterfall – choice track
  6. Made Of Stone
  7. I Am The Resurrection

Sound Quality: B
Absolutely fine to listen to.

Performance Quality: B
A brilliant, tight performance, only let down by the fact that the set was so short. Brown’s singing is top notch.

Why should I get this bootleg?

It’s a great performance from the early Roses, especially from Brown, and was the prelude to their classic ’89 tour.

Fan Reviews

“The incomplete Resurrection is very precious!” – Takatoshi Nabeshima, Japan

“Dead clear with no noise, the instrument separation is fine. The drums and vocals are a bit loud. IATR is fantastic, fast like SC but long like TSR.” – Ben Cohen, England

“Super. I was really surprised by the clarity of the sound, and it was interesting to hear a handful of classics, some played in an unusual (by later standards) way. The way they played Resurrection was unique. The only problem was the lack of a certain ease. If you listen to Luxor or Glasgow Green, you can sense the band are relaxed and floating over their own brilliance. Here they sound almost nervous or tight.” – RT, Taiwan

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