Manchester International ’85

City: Manchester, England

Date: May 10th 1985

Running Time (Approx): 50 mins


  1. Intro (It’s Not Unusual)
  2. Mission Impossible
  3. Just A Little Bit
  4. Tragic Roundabout
  5. I Wanna Be Adored
  6. Getting Plenty
  7. So Young
  8. Fall
  9. Heart On The Staves
  10. Hello
  11. Tell Me
  12. I Wanna Be Adored
  13. Getting Plenty

Sound Quality: B

Simply amazing quality for the time – must have been done from the mixing desk. Miles ahead of anything else from the time. Hear Reni’s “Keith Moonisms” full-on! Vocals are too high in the mix and guitars are weedy, but that was more to do with the sound on the night rather than the recording itself.

Performance Quality: C

Not bad for the time actually – hard and passionate, though still very rough-sounding.

Why should I get this bootleg?

This must have been one of the Roses first ever gigs after the Rock Garden event in 1984, and the sound quality is amazing.

Fan Reviews

“Great, Reni sounds absolutely incredible, maniacal in fact, and I finally notice Mr Couzens on the other guitar.” – Elliot Chodowski, USA

“Funny as shite to hear Ian Brown talk to the crowd. You can hear all of Liam Gallagher in this tape. The quality is quite good for an amateur band in 85 with no sound experience. I rate this show highly for anyone wanting an early show.” – George Chuddy, USA

“The performance is crude, but the Roses sound very sure of themselves. You have to listen hard to hear the rhythm guitar, but apart from that the sound quality is fantastic.” – Ben Cohen, England

“Great to hear Reni’s drumming live.” – Phill Jordan, England

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