5 thoughts on “Beautiful Thing released at midnight tonight”

  1. Well this is much more like it.

    Sounds like a long lost track that should’ve been released between One Love / Something’s Burning and Second Coming / Breaking Into Heaven.

  2. Hei idiotas the best band on the planet is not in EU jiha:-) love yaa from a happy viking from norway. Liverpool rules

  3. About time ,where have you been ? Real music by real people . Amazing . Are there any more tour dates ?

  4. Got to see you play 40year old Londoner you’re the memories of my youth ūüėé still feel the same

  5. Bland. This is a facsimile of their most boring period. At least it makes sense in their canon, but . . .
    The lyrics lack the bile and bight of their most exuberant and confident work.

    6/10 sadly.

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