The Roses Vaults Day 8

Bit of mixed bag today. Three clippings that I’ve lost the origins of.

First up is a review of the Hacienda gig on 27 February 1989, then two news articles from the Record Mirror that I think were from February and April of the same year.

If you can clarify the sources or dates then please leave a comment.

Hacienda gig review - from where/when?News from Record Mirror circa March 89 News from Record Mirror circa April 89

The Roses Vaults Day 7

Day 7 already. Is there more? Of course there is … lot’s more.

An enthusiastic review of the Roses’ Hacienda gig from 1989, just a couple of months before the album’s release.

The Roses must’ve been on the top of the world knowing what a great record they’d just made. Despite their bravado they couldn’t have know just how great … surely?

Hacienda live review -Record Mirror 11-03-89

The Roses Vaults Day 6

I just love the headline on this article and it’s a totally spot on review in my opinion. I still bought the CD of course, even though I had all the songs!

The Complete Stone Roses album review - NME 27-05-95

I remember listening to the two rare and unreleased backwards tracks at one of those playback stations in Our Price and thinking what a load crap and what a rip off. So I didn’t buy the more expensive 2 CD version.

Fast forward a few years and the gap in my Roses was gnawing at my happiness. Even though I knew the songs were crap and could’ve easily bought them at the time, I just had have them and finally bought the limited edition on Ebay.

Now I wonder if I’ll buy the Stone Roses Collector’s Edition