Heaton Park review roundup


The Stone Roses, Heaton Park, Manchester

The Stone Roses, Heaton Park, Manchester

Stone Roses resurrected in Manchester, BBC News

“Each member contributes something different but utterly crucial to their magic. When they are good, they are glorious. It is musical greatness to the power of four.”

The Stone Roses – review, The Guardian

“It would take an almost superhuman effort not to be carried along with the mood of euphoria during Made of Stone or Love Spreads.”

The Stone Roses come home at heroic first night of Heaton Park, NME
The Stone Roses smash second night at Heaton Park, NME

The Stone Roses Return to Manchester, Rolling Stone

Stone Roses Heaton Park review, The Telegraph

The Stone Roses still sound vital, reassuringly cocky and strangely relevant. Even the staunchest fan may have harboured reservations about their ability to relight the glory days, let alone party like it’s 1989. But, tonight at least, they’ve exceeded all expectations.

The day cometh, Clash magazine (29 June)

It’s the day when The Stone Roses decided to fuck with their legend and hurl their spirit back into the sky for us to devour once more.

We’d come to taste the stigmata, and hope that their reconciled efforts would be good enough to slake our thirst for it to be as good as we expected.

Here’s to a new chapter, Clash magazine (30 June)

Watching the Roses walk on stage was an emotional experience – swelling pride, disbelief, euphoria and excitement all bubbled and boiled as 75,000 cheers greeted them.

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