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  1. was sceptical at first,but fuck it saw the roses at rooftops,belfast ,glasgow green and the barrowlands,cant wait

  2. MonuMENTAL news… wonder if those flairs still fit? Saw them all over the north west, many, many times, inlc Blackpool. Now I live in New Zealand. You’d better make it down here chaps, I’ll roll a fat one for ya.

  3. i was waiting for your resurrection for ages!!
    though you released few album, i have so many of the same album because i like the stone roses way too much.
    and, i have a friend whom i haven’t talked for ages from communication trouble and she’s also a big fan of the stone roses.
    this news is giving me little hope for me to make it up with her.
    please include japan in your schedule!! thank you so much.

  4. Please, please, please Perth Australia is a must, fuck Sydney and Melbourne, theres more brits in Perth than any other and its been what we’ve been waiting for. Awesome.

  5. Waited so long for this. Incredible news. Now live in New York, please come here. Although I’ll go to Manchester for the opening gig if I can land a ticket.

  6. I don’t mean to be course but I just read the article about the reunion in the times and I think I may have ejaculated a little bit. Can’t wait for tickets to be annopunced. Stone Roses – Stone Roses has never been bettered by anyone, IMHO.

  7. Fuckin awesome news lads
    Please please make sure you come to Australia we love ya’s down here

  8. When will the dates for the world tour be announced? I live in Hong Kong now and hope you make it out to Asia!

  9. My dreams come true! Hell yeah God of Britpop are reunite!

    Cheers from Indonesia! Ian Brown please bring The Roses come to Indonesia!

  10. Can’t wait!!!
    When will the rest of the tour dates be announced?
    I hope there all big outdoor places.

  11. I saw that tickets are gonna be £55 ea. Does anyone know if there will be gold circle availability, or how many tickets per person you’ll be able to buy???

  12. I’ve still got goosebumps. Despite just missing out on them 1st time round their music (and this is such a cliche) really did soundtrack my early teens.
    Come hell or High water I’ll be in Manchester next year!

  13. Getting married in June and The Roses reformimg will be the icing on the cake. Excited isn’t the word.Couldn’t sleep last night, was like a kid at Christmas.

  14. I love them! Plenty of the songs give me goose bumps.They also remind me of our early years living in France as my daughter’s friend Sylvie used to stay at our house most weekends – and she’d bring her CD collection with her , it was all The Stone Roses , yep even in the depths of the French countryside.Any chance of a gig boys in our local bar at Montemboeuf ? ! Failing that The Nef in Angoulême !

  15. Great to see the lads back togehter. Hope they do an album as well as the tour. Just what we need with all this X Factor crap and those Tory bastards making everyone miserable… Show them how it’s done, Ian, Mani, Reni and John.

    Oh and Sam Wolfson from the Guardian is a little twat!

  16. No fears here. We just want to see you rock the fuck out to your TIMELESS music. …and anything new you guys write.

    hot damm, this is really exciting.

  17. i feel the revival of something special,i cant emphasise how much i want the roses to restore british music to the way it should be..missed them first time around and am gonna relish the situation this time…is right boys ,thank you for the COMPLETION of good things in my life…

  18. STOP THE WORLD 🙂 Music is re-born Best musical news in our generation Go get ’em lads All The Very Best of luck from Yorkshire 🙂

  19. Even better news is that new material is being written. So they will be around a for a while?

  20. Im from Manchester and now living in Dallas TX. Come to Dallas. I already called the girl friend and told her I will be missing for a few days at least in 2012 and not to bother calling cos if she does she’s dumped!!!!!

  21. Brilliant
    the crack in the stone was deep, is the stone table being put back, long live the roses.

  22. Can’t believe the news! Just turned 21. Thought i’d never get to see the lads perform just for a one off, nevermind a reunion! welcome back lads! GOOD TIMES BABY, THIS IS THE TIME! see u at heaton park next year. love from fellow Manc! x


  24. I’m a younger fan who never had the chance to see the Roses at all, but I own every record and love their music SO MUCH! Finally getting a chance to hear the band I love live is unbelievable!!! Thanks so much guys for making my dreams a reality.

  25. the attitude’s there and I’m positive new material won’t disappoint unless you’re really jaded. Nothing can beat being young and hearing the debut for the first time, but that doesn’t mean we should stay locked in the past. The future’s still mine.

  26. My reaction is : Sack the cynicism, this is the best surprise in music for donkeys.

    Thoughts : The sound should be better in terms of audio sound quality as even legendary gigs such as spike island.

    hopes : I hope it doesn’t get postponed for any reason such as happened years ago when John squire injured himself mountain biking.

    Concerns : I’m concerned there won’t be any tix left for the Mancheser gig/s.

  27. I have been lifted up so much by this reunion…. Cynics and chinstrokers may scoff, but The Roses were like our Beatles, they really did matter that much to me: a Moston kid in 1989 (and lots of other peple)… I am also looking forward to once more seeing the greatest drummer of all time play again…

    It’s like 89 all over again: Conservative pigs in charge, United playing crap (they were in Bucharest on Tuesday anyway, and yeah, I am a Red!), and The Roses are lifting peoples’ spirits again…

  28. I second Martins comments, he is right about things being similair in so many ways as when the band gave something celebratory to believe in. Time has humbled them and that means that it’s truly all about the music now. The U.K. is so lost in it’s own brokeness that it scorns anything that goes above cynical materialistic acceptance. There is great power in music and The Roses proved it. No matter how bad it gets for society in the West there is always hope and The Roses gave that freely. They are one of the most talented group of musicians to come out of England and the World. Don’t expect them to do things half heartedly, they still want to demolish the monarchy and unify the land by positive messages that break the conditioned apathetic establishment that is British society. They’ve still got the love and now maybe they have the wisdom to go with it. Every suppressed nation eventually rises up in revolt, may The Roses be the catalyst for the long awaited change.

  29. Let’s hope they come across the pond. If they do, I’ll see them on as many stop s as I can!!!!! On of the greatest: The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and New Order!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Can’t wait for this I hope we get tickets. However sad to see profiters already advertising tickets for sale for triple the face value. They don’t go on sale for another six hours!! Wankers

  31. Yeah not bloody funny, selfish gits, making sure they buy more tickets than they need, usually insuring the gigs sell out so they can sell the tickets at double face value! This is wrong, something needs to be done about this!!! I grew up with my mum listening to The Stone Roses and adore them, but now it seems I wont be seeing them and neither will she for the reason above.

  32. What a travesty – all sold out – bet hardly any real fans got tickets due to all the profiteers out there – its a disgrace when I eventually managed to get on to any ticket site 9.32 (ish!!) most of the tickets were gone and being offered at £130 plus on auction sites. Got through to inputting my card details and then the site crashed AAARGGHH – Nice 1 ticket touts I really do hope no one buys your stupid overpriced wares thanks for spoiling it for the true fans

  33. Was so excited to hear if the resurrection but now gutted.
    Tickets touts 1 real fans 0. As per usual with these things impossible to get a ticket, hundreds on eBay already. Ah well have to wait til the the next resurrection. Seriously GUTTED :-((

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